Born in late 2019 during the early stages of the Corona pandemic

MOTOR RAIDER is a Kent based band residing in Tunbridge Wells.

The band was created when members Edd, Paul and Graham got together to expel their
frustrations at the state of the world.

The release of their first EP came during the London riots of 2020 in
which thousands of people took to the street to protest the ongoing
inequality between the state and the people. The single “Hotel Road”
which took elements of recent events became an overnight success
particularly in Australia where it garnered them a following on many
local radio stations. The self-titled EP took elements of rock, punk and
also comedy, earning them a unique EP with elements not seen in other
releases around the same time.

The band then followed this up with their first full length album entitled
“Big Pit” an homage to Edds home town of Brecon, Wales which took
inspiration from the coal mining communities around the Welsh valley

At this point the band was beginning to get a fan base in the Tunbridge
Wells area, getting regular festival slots and growing their audience. Edd
then surprised the world with an April fool’s album which was released
on April 1st, this was an acoustic album which took a satirical look at
modern bands and included skits, songs and also a re-release of their
valentine’s day single L.O.V.E, they also released a stand alone single
“This Song Was Written By A Five Year Old” which earned them the 2021
XRP radio single of the year, which is one of the UKs biggest unsigned
music Radio Stations.

With the end of 2021 came the greatest hits album “The Journey So Far”
and also their comedy Christmas single and music video “Xmas (Santa
Are You Coming Tonight) “and with it the end of the first MOTOR
RAIDER chapter.

Motor Raider are currently in their phase 2 juncture, this comes with a
new classic rock, new wave of British heavy metal sound. New dual
guitar melodies and blistering solos aided with their new band member
Ian on his signature flying V, and a new album along with many new
singles currently being released to great acclaim.

They are moving away from their more surreal and satirical origins onto
a product which is more streamlined, and overall, more inline with
classic rock bands, however, they still have room in their live shows for
electric drills, Mr Matey Bottle guitars and songs about Edds cowboy