The Band

Edd “Do it Yourself” (Guitar and Lead Vocals)

From: Brecon (Wales)
Height: 6 Ft 4
Weight: Over 3000 Pounds

Inside Trouser: Mostly Skin and bone
Favourite Animal: Liger (Lion & Tiger)

Interesting Facts: Can Down a pint in
under 3 seconds, in his spare time he
likes to dress as a lady and sing for

Instruments: Custom Siggery Les
Paulish & Custom-Made Mr Matey

Gram “GHound” (Bass & Backing Vocals)

From: Weald of Kent (England)
Height: 5 Ft 9 and shrinking
Weight: Yes

Inside Trouser: Both the same
Favourite Animal: Mountain Chicken

Interesting Facts: As well as bass duties in
Motor Raider Gram plays in a few other
bands including Hell Drivers, space rockers
Onement 9 and the NWOBHM Band Malleus
featuring Andro Coulton’s of Witchfynde.

Instruments: Custom Gibson Les Paul Jr
Tribute DC & Custom Fender Squire Bronco

Paul “Just The Tip” (Drums)

From: Oxford (England)
Height: 6 Ft
Weight: Heavy like Metal

Inside Trouser: Spare Sticks
Favourite Animal: The Predator

Interesting Facts: Has played the role of Pete
Townshend in the who’s stage version of
“Tommy” & has a dog called Lemmy.

Instruments: Premier XPK, Zildjian K
Cymbals, Collision Drum Sticks

Ian “Fingers” (Lead Guitar)

From: Tunbridge Wells (England)
Height: 6 Ft 1
Weight: 200 Pounds when wet

Inside Trouser: Moist Tissues
Favourite Animal: Holy Ferret

Interesting Facts: Doesn’t believe in
antiseptic, has never eaten cheese
after 10PM

Instrument: Original Gibson Flying V,
67 Model